Bond Earth Works Ltd has completed many commercial carparks large and small and can comfortably lay up to 1000m2 per day. We are able to provide the construction of car parks to local authority standards including excavation, kerbing, metal course base supply and asphalt.

Residential driveways and pathways

Bond Earth Works has the ability to fully replace existing driveways, from ripping up, removal, re-constructing and relaying with either asphalt or concrete.

Asphalt surfacing

Bond Earth Works Ltd specialises in laying asphalt. We have completed a large number of commercial carparks, residential driveways and paths, subdivision footpaths and vehicle crossings. Our team is experienced in both paver laying and hand laying asphalt.

Footpaths and entranceways

Our team is able to construct footpaths from the dig out and base preparation to surfacing with asphalt.

Tennis courts

We are able to lay tennis courts by hand if access is an issue, or paver lay.


Our experienced digger operators have the ability to clear sites in preparation of ground works, dig and prepare foundations with base course and metal.